Nonprofit Management In The Classroom     

Dr. William Griffin, Esq. (far left) and Dr. M. Louise Walters (far right) with Management of Nonprofit Organizations class members.  The course was presented in conjunction with The Leadership Center and Georgia Southern University/Armstrong in Savannah, GA.  The master's level course is designed as a one-semester (15-week) unit.  It can be delivered in-classroom, online or as a hybrid.  Dr. Griffin has developed several business-related university courses and has presented many more.  He is the primary presenter.  Dr. Walters, the subject matter expert, is co-facilitator.

Dr. William R. Griffin, Esq.

Dr. M. Louise Walters, PhD

Doctoral Research On Nonprofit Organizations

The seminal research conducted by Dr. M. Louise Walters for her dissertation examined the perceptions of nonprofit business league CEOs about their relationships with the chairs of their boards of directors and resultant organization impacts. Seminal works are studies initially present an idea of great importance or influence within a particular discipline.

Click here to download Dr. Walters' dissertation Nonprofit Business League CEO Perceptions of Their Board Chair Relationships and Organization Impacts.

Three sections comprised the Doctoral comprehensive examination written by Dr. M. Louise Walters, in partial fulfillment of her PhD in organization leadership.  Each of the three sections addresses aspects of nonprofit organization management and leadership: