Food -- The Common Bond Uniting All People

We are fortunate that our travels have given us the opportunity to get to know so many people all over the world.  We have stepped out of our 'comfort level' and have discovered a world that is as fascinating as it is challenging.  Because of it, we have been blessed with many friends of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes, who have vastly different socio-economic backgrounds and very different interests.


These differences affect how business is conducted.  Our interest in developing a better understanding and appreciation of these differences motivates us to not merely visit other countries, but to live in them -- to explore their customs, traditions, and food.

A fun part of our travel and research is a hobby spin-off called EVERY DAY GOURMET and the EVERY DAY GOURMET COOKBOOK.  The website and cookbook are ongoing works-in-progress and include many of our favorite recipes, recipes suggested by foodies that visit the website and fun photos.

We hope you enjoy reading and using our cookbook as much as we enjoyed developing it.

Bon appetit!

Bill & Louise


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